DESIS Café Hosted by DESIS-Q Lab from Kyushu University, Japan




17 January 2023


UTC 09:00


SAVE the DATE: DESIS Café Hosted by DESIS-Q Lab from Kyushu University, Japan

Join us on January 17, 2024, at 09.00h UTC for a vibrant DESIS Café hosted by DESIS-Q Lab from Kyushu University in Japan.

DESIS Café is a virtual space where DESIS Labs come together to discuss their activities, expectations, thoughts, research, and projects. It serves as a hub for reinforcing connections within the DESIS community and exchanging knowledge about best practices and challenges in ongoing projects and initiatives.

About our host for this DESIS Café:

The DESIS-Q Societal Design Lab is situated in Fukuoka. It is set in the background of various projects that emerged from and were driven by societal challenges relevant to the specific context of Kyushu in Japan—interest in social design and socially inclusive activities focusing on the wider community. We use design approaches, plural perspectives, and thinking in shaping collaborative and interdisciplinary ways of working with multiple stakeholders to address complex social problems. Our activities range from social and societal design education in the Strategic Design course to the annual design competition, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Design International Awards, hosted by the Faculty of Design at Kyushu University. Several social innovation projects also focus on social-environmental aspects, biodesign with society, and using arts-based methods and art thinking.” 

Get to know the host of the DESIS café here: DESIS-Q Lab

We invite you to join us for this DESIS Café!

Join the event via Zoom through this link.

Also, please check your time zone here.

Desis Labs around the world are hosting a coffee tour every two months on the 3rd Wednesday. So start saving the date from now on! 

We will open our Labs and invite all members to share their activities about social innovation. Our DesisCafé will take place anywhere a Desis Lab is: on a patio, a terrace, a classroom, a kitchen, a beach, or even in the jungle. Who knows?

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