Design for regenerating commons

Building place-related and place-caring communities: city-making based on communities-in-place: communities whose existence is motivated by a specific space. These projects relate to a physical space and they are aimed at creating a community that relates to the space in different ways.


Therefore, these communities-in-place are social forms whose existence is motivated by that specific space. In this framework the project’s role is to connect a well-defined space with the process of building an equally well-defined community. By doing so, these projects enrich the scenario of the city as an urban commons.

Proposed Projects

Type of Projects

Projects linking physical spaces to networks of people willing and able to take care of them. By doing so, they collaborate in generating, or regenerating, urban commons (meaning relational goods that improve quality of life, being produced and enjoyed in a shared way).

The projects included in this group are very frequently developed in the framework of co-design processes (also intended as community-building processes), integrated with tools and competences coming from different design disciplines, primarily interior and space design.

Open Questions