Design for social cohesion

Planting seeds of empowerment and self-knowledge in individuals foster renewed interpersonal relations, collaborations and exchanges in their local contexts and beyond.


These projects aim to empower participants by supporting the recognition of their own personal, cultural and community values, base on which they can establish renewed relations with their localities, their communities and beyond. Buber holds the view of the primacy of the relationship versus the independence of the I.

However, the self-knowledge, the self-awareness of the I as an independent entity, and the recognition of one´s value favour deeper interpersonal relations and community building processes.  These projects open new communication processes between those involved.

Proposed Projects

Type of Projects

Projects that use mainly stories – story-telling and story-sharing – to foster self-knowledge and empowerment. Stories are also used to foster empathy between different groups and communities. This process helps to raise awareness of the values of a specific community, locality or process and to make them communicable to internal members and other actors. It may foster new interpersonal relations, collaborations or exchanges.

Open Questions