LTC Radio

The wisdom of people living in Long Term Care (LTC) is being overlooked - they’ve lived through wars, through pandemics, and have much to teach us. LTC Radio sets up recording stations in care homes so that
SANKOFA: Cultures of Resilience

The project seeks to promote sustainability; provide an enabling environment for Design and Innovation. The goal is to identify solutions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Ghana.
Um milhão de máscaras

One million masks

Historically Capital of Seamstresses, Belo Horizonte Capital of Fashion, today sees a movement in the sector in order to meet the great demand for masks, in the fight to prevent
Towards a new normal: how to nurture cultures of resilience?

We are documenting responses to Corona crises in the city of Malmö to inform a design and reflection process with the cultural department to explore new forms
Janelas Polifônicas

This is a metadesign experience, using images and audios of people who were quarantined in southern Brazil during May 2020. These polyphonic scenarios expands the interpretive space on the plurality
Design for Emergency

The Center for Design at Northeastern University (Boston, USA) has launched Design for Emergency, an open design platform to face the Covid-19 emergency through design.  Through
Making for Change

Making for Change is a training and manufacturing programme providing women in prison and local community with hands-on manufacturing skills and recognised qualifications. Currently making much needed

"Portàporta" is a delivery service that meets the needs of the elderly, such as meals, medicines, etc. It also has as one of its main objectives to support its business partners (eg, restaurants), allowing
ComUNIDAD | Más unidos, más fuertes

Collaborative project by health and education neighboring private institutions, to promote protective measures, offer emotional support, pantries and thermometers to the most vulnerable

Facilities like museums and art galleries they are forced to close during the quarantine, resulting in their inability to make any kind of revenue. Furthermore, the more time it passes the more they can become
Projeto Ó

Seven students from the University of Aveiro created an initiative, within the scope of the discipline of Design for Social Innovation. To help fight the Covid-19 pandemic, Projeto Ó was created to manufacture
觉囊 | Jiao Nang


A shared sleeping cabin for medical staff in an epidemic situation

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the work intensity of medical staff has been high, with an average daily working
Safe-sound go

Travel and material service design during isolation.

Check complete project here.

Jiangnan DESIS LabAuthors: Gao Letian, Yan Yan, Deng Zhijun, Wang ZhiweiTutor: Qian XiaoboCo-tutors: Xiao Dongjuan,
Restaurant management applet for community member

This service design product is an applet for community restaurant members. Starting with the business difficulties under the epidemic situation, we hope to help small
Designmatters | Design Response to COVID 19

Designmatters will be offering 5 studio courses this summer on topics that COVID-19 challenges have brought into the spotlight.

Designmatters at ArtcenterSubmitted by: Jennifer
CSM loves NHS

A project asking students and the public to make medical scrubs for the NHS. Each one can be made from cotton including old sheets and duvets as long as it can be washed at 90 degrees. Students were encouraged
Caring Communities during the Quarantine

Design research project with 3rd year students of Design to understand caring habits to vulnerable populations (particularly the elderly and infected patients) during the lockdown.

HelloHealth is a project which aims to bring accessibility to healthcare to the underserved communities of the world. This project aims to tackle the challenge of accessibility by using a combination of low-cost
3 Pontinhos

3 PONTINHOS emerged due to the fact that many children do not have adequate entertainment in view of the situation we are going through. This service aims to develop children's motor and cognitive abilities
Life Circle - Smart Community Living Platform

We design a data-based smart community platform, named Life Circle. This platform collects and integrates many kinds of real-time data, including community geographic information
Visual guide for COVID-19 Mutual Aid

Mutual Aid groups are providing informal and essential services to vulnerable neighbours. We have created a visual guide to stop the spread of COVID-19 while helping your community.
为复学设计好每一个细节 | Design every detail for your return to school


Community Balcony

Online Expressions of Emotion on Community Platform

疫情期间,阳台成为了一个重要的符号,象征着连接与团结,传递着感恩与希望。我们的项目使用阳台作为视觉符号,搭建一个社区内部的情感表达与展示平台,有助于促进社区内的沟通与情感表达、增强社区凝聚力与复原力(Resilience, solidarity and unity)。 在疫情期间,我们以可交互的H5形式发起“致敬社区逆行者”主题活动,展示社区工作者们的故事,并邀请居民在线上阳台表达对他们的感谢,为社区工作者提供关注与支持,也让社区居民在互动中感受到连接与团结,形成一个积极的社区氛围。疫情结束后,该平台还可以承载更多的功能,比如举办“社区歌唱家”、“社区摄影师”等主题活动,提供社区内的心理互助功能等,让阳台展现更多元的社区生活、更充分地连接每一个居民。During
Pet's voice

Pet's voice, to help volunteers and pet owners with low cost social action, rescue left-behind pets, and prevent large numbers of pet deaths and pollution caused by epidemics.

Read more on the PDF.

La Scuola dei Quartieri

A 4-year program for nurturing and incubating social innovation in target neighborhoods of Milano. Promoted by the Municipality, funded by EU PON METRO and managed by a consortium of partners
La gente del Manglar - Orikánika

Orikánika is a composting currency used within the island for the conservation and development of theentire territory. As environmental investment bond we seek to support and raise the

Was set up by staff at CSM to encourage the collective making of thousands of washable fabric masks to protect ourselves an​d the workers who are protecting us. Our interest is also in the benefits and
RA community platform

Our design is mainly for the vulnerable groups in the community in need of help under the background of the epidemic, such as: empty nest elderly, children at home alone and disabled people with
Doorman Room 2.0

Doorman Room is the special element for gated community in China, 1-2 located in different entrances depend on the community scale. The project will focus on the existing condition of the doorman room

At the beginning of 2020, Wuhan was closed down and the whole country was shut down. In the face of this emergency, more than 1.37 million volunteers emerged around us making great efforts for the logistics

Our project _comvida (with life) share good projects and promote other initiatives to help people during this terrible moment. Our first initiative was flowers_comvida, we gave flowers to health professional

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