My Neighbourhood Project: a collaborative map for Grajaú/Rio de Janeiro (Colabora Grajaú)

It is a new initiative, related to a previous project “My Neighbourhood Project”, a co-design process developed by Rio DESIS Lab team in one of the neighbourhood squares. Due to the social isolation process on COVID-19, it has moved online.
The initiative aims to facilitate collaboration between residents to face COVID-19 challenges and to boost the local exchanges by organizing a map on which residents can pinpoint their location and indicate their abilities or characteristics, for example, by volunteering to assist those in need or by offering services as a small business provider
The map is part of a territorial process of collaborative creation under development in Grajaú – a neighbourhood in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil – in partnership with a collaborative housing (Casa Anitcha) in the same area.
Casa Anitcha is developing and proposing a local currency (called NIT) which is a possibility in times of economic crisis to enable some exchanges between participants.
The collaborative mapping is a project that supports the activities of the original “My Neighbourhood Project” in the square, by strengthening the bonds and collaborations between residents, which is an essential part of the co-design process under development and is expected to continue after the COVID-19 crisis.

UFRJ/Coppe DESIS Lab (Rio DESIS Lab)
Authors: Ana Oliveira, Beatriz Lopes, Beatriz Marins, Enzo Esberard, Ingrid Bico, Matheus Ventura, Victor Costa
: Carla Cipolla
: Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
: Brazil
Website: (available, in progress)