Design out Isolation

It is an initiative proposed by the DESIS Lab of Tsinghua University, together with other five DESIS Labs in China. The projects developed under this category are conducted during this semester’s undergraduate and master courses of service design and system design.

The current design concepts proposed by the students include the popularisation of personal protection knowledge, community epidemic prevention platforms, community mutual assistance tool, and volunteer support for vulnerable groups. Community workers, psychologists, restaurant owners, etc. were invited to conduct online interviews and instructions to make up for the missing field research.

觉囊 | Jiao Nang

为疫情下的医护人员设计的共享睡眠舱 A shared sleeping cabin for medical staff in an epidemic situation Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the work intensity of medical staff has… Read More »觉囊 | Jiao Nang

Community Balcony

Online Expressions of Emotion on Community Platform 疫情期间,阳台成为了一个重要的符号,象征着连接与团结,传递着感恩与希望。我们的项目使用阳台作为视觉符号,搭建一个社区内部的情感表达与展示平台,有助于促进社区内的沟通与情感表达、增强社区凝聚力与复原力(Resilience, solidarity and unity)。 在疫情期间,我们以可交互的H5形式发起“致敬社区逆行者”主题活动,展示社区工作者们的故事,并邀请居民在线上阳台表达对他们的感谢,为社区工作者提供关注与支持,也让社区居民在互动中感受到连接与团结,形成一个积极的社区氛围。 疫情结束后,该平台还可以承载更多的功能,比如举办“社区歌唱家”、“社区摄影师”等主题活动,提供社区内的心理互助功能等,让阳台展现更多元的社区生活、更充分地连接每一个居民。 During the epidemic, the balcony became an important symbol, symbolizing connection and… Read More »Community Balcony


At the beginning of 2020, Wuhan was closed down and the whole country was shut down. In the face of this emergency, more than 1.37… Read More »Volun!ty

为复学设计好每一个细节 | Design every detail for your return to school

目前疫情已经得到有效控制,高校也即将迎来复学阶段。为了有序正常的开学,保证每一位同学和老师的健康,本设计分为复学防护建议科普视频和人数地图小程序两部分。科普视频对典型复学场景进行防护建议:校内公共区域全面消毒;师生返校需积极配合学校的健康检测;同学之间保持安全距离;对教学楼、宿舍楼定时开窗通风;上课时间隔入座,课间不聚集;坚持体育锻炼,增强免疫力;错峰用餐,就餐保证同侧就座,不共享食物;留出学生宿舍指定隔离区域;从室外进到室内要立即洗手,或用免洗洗手液进行手部消毒;每楼层配备专用口罩垃圾回收箱等。通过人数地图小程序可提前查看学校公共区域当前人数,避免扎堆。全力做好疫情防控工作是我们每一个人的责任,祝同学们能够早日回到校园! Recently, the epidemic in China has been effectively controlled, and colleges and universities are about to resume their semesters. In order to restore normal… Read More »为复学设计好每一个细节 | Design every detail for your return to school

Safe-sound go

Travel and material service design during isolation. Check complete project here. Jiangnan DESIS LabAuthors: Gao Letian, Yan Yan, Deng Zhijun, Wang ZhiweiTutor: Qian XiaoboCo-tutors: Xiao… Read More »Safe-sound go

Pet’s voice

Pet’s voice, to help volunteers and pet owners with low cost social action, rescue left-behind pets, and prevent large numbers of pet deaths and pollution… Read More »Pet’s voice


Facilities like museums and art galleries they are forced to close during the quarantine, resulting in their inability to make any kind of revenue. Furthermore,… Read More »Musaic