What will the world be like after the Covid-19 crisis? It will be different, for sure. But how? And what designers have to do with – or can create from – it?

In DESIS Network we believe that the answers for these questions are already being written. If they say “every crisis has possibilities in itself”, as designers we must try to recognize and develop these opportunities, this “new world”: a resilient, fair, open and collaborative future.

Through this /Covid-19 Initiative we intend to start a conversation about the reality in which we find ourselves. A reality that, among other things, is bringing out a great behavioral change: our social life went online, our homes became offices and schools, our mental health is at the spolight, and we can’t be near to the ones we love (or were used to see everyday). Being separated for now is the best way to guarantee we’ll be together soon. And that is something to change our minds.

We have noted that many of you are already involved in the online reorganization of teaching and research activities. But we also imagine that there are many other initiatives that we do not know. Initiatives that a network like ours should recognize, transmit, and enhance.

Because of that, we are collecting projects and initiatives developed by DESIS Labs related to the Covid-19 pandemic, and our proposal is to showcase them here, aiming to increase the knowledge exchange between DESIS members – and with everyone interested.