Doorman Room 2.0

Doorman Room is the special element for gated community in China, 1-2 located in different entrances depend on the community scale. The project will focus on the existing condition of the doorman room and using the design strategy to create new narratives for a resilient community. Discovering how doorman room could link with the local brand, community service, activity, social interaction through the creation of the place in physical, social and environmental way.
DR2.0 placemaking strategy refers to the small, local, open, connected (SLOC) scenario which toward sustainable solutions and synthesize the sociotechnical system. The project initiatives by the Tongji DESIS Lab and supervised by Narrative Environment and Placemaking course from the College of Design Innovation Tongji University.

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Tongji DESIS Lab
Submitted by
: Sabrina Minqing Ni
: Tongji University
: China