Life Circle – Smart Community Living Platform

We design a data-based smart community platform, named Life Circle. This platform collects and integrates many kinds of real-time data, including community geographic information data, population data, surrounding business service information, and transforms these data to a real-time community map. Corresponding to the community facilities in the “15-minute living circle”,the platform provides safety and convenience for residents and meets the need to avoid crowd gathering and rush hours for shopping. Through the community heat map in the platform, users can inquire about the crowd density of the community and surrounding business district services. Besides, by using the route planning function in the platform, users can realize intelligent route planning to avoid high-risk areas and save travel time. In addition, the platform cooperates with relevant operators to provide the release of business information and appointment service, so as to ensure the basic living services of residents during the epidemic.

Tsinghua DESIS Lab
Authors: Meng Zhao, Gao Songling, Yu Si
Advisor: Fu Zhiyong, Zhong Fang
Institution: Tsinghua University
Country: China

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