Community Balcony

Online Expressions of Emotion on Community Platform

沟通与情感表达、增强社区凝聚力与复原力(Resilience, solidarity and unity)。 在疫情期间,我们以可交


During the epidemic, the balcony became an important symbol, symbolizing connection and unity, conveying
gratitude and hope.
Our project uses the balcony as a visual symbol to build an emotional expression and display platform within the
community, which helps to promote communication and emotional expression within the community, and
enhance community cohesion and resilience.
During the epidemic, we launched the theme activity of ” Pay gratitude to community works ” in the form of H5,
to show the stories of the community workers, and invited the residents to express their gratitude online on the
balcony, to provide concern and support for the community workers, and to let the community residents feel the
connection and unity in the interaction, forming a positive community atmosphere.
After the epidemic, the platform can also carry more functions, such as holding “community singers”,
“community photographers” and other theme activities, providing the function of psychological mutual
assistance in the community, so that the balcony can show more diverse community life, connecting each
resident more fully.

The coronavirus outbreak has driven millions of people to shelter at home for long days of anxiousness and boredom. In
country after country, people have responded by taking to their balconies to sing to one another, to applaud and show
gratitude to their health-care workers, to play music, and to lift one another’s spirits. This is perhaps one of the most iconic
solidarity initiative to have spread faster than the coronavirus pandemic. It seems that there is a common understanding of the
spirit of balcony.

Spirit of Balcony:
Connection and Unity. In times of stress and illness, being deprived of social connection can
create more stress and illness. People around the world are spontaneously seeking out human
connection and show unity through balcony.
People sing, clap from balconies as part of a nationwide initiative to express their gratitude and
respect to the medical staff working on the frontline against the virus.
There are banners and encouragements and songs in different languages which convey the same
meaning– ‘Everything will be fine’

Tsinghua DESIS Lab
Advisor: Zhong Fang
Institution: Tsinghua University
Country: China