At the beginning of 2020, Wuhan was closed down and the whole country was shut down. In the face of this emergency, more than 1.37 million volunteers emerged around us making great efforts for the logistics support of front-line soldiers and the operation of social foundation. But at the same time, they also faced many difficulties and challenges. The imperfect social volunteer system cannot provide them with strong logistical support in an emergency. Volun!ty hopes that through their design, the PSS can provide possible solutions for this situation and improve the work efficiency of volunteers on the premise of ensuring their physical and mental health, so as to obtain better volunteer service experience.

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Jiangnan DESIS Lab
Authors: Zhao Hang, Xiao Jiayi, Chen Yujie, Lin Jiayu
Tutor: Qian Xiaobo
Co-tutors: Xiao Dongjuan, Zhong Fang (Tsinghua University), Zhang Jun (Hunan University)
Institution: Jiangnan University
Country: China